• 1938: Charles DAULLE and Georges LION created by contraction of their names the candies DOLIS. Creation of the company “Les Bonbon Dolis.”
  • 1947: Reconstruction of the factory with the war indemnities.
  • 1981: The Bonduelle family bought the factory.
  • 1984: The company Dolis acquires the Kemmel chocolate factory based in Bourbourg (59) and in Metz (57).
  • 1988: The Dolis and Moulin d’Or (ex Kemmel) companies are purchased by the CEMOI CANTALOU group.
  • 1993: Plant closing in Metz and transfer of the Marshmallows unit to Saint-Florentin (89).
  • 1998: The company “Les Bonbons Dolis” becomes “Dolis.”
  • 2005: The Dolis company integrates the SUCRALLIANCE Group, specializing in confectionery
  • 2010: First certification for the ORGANIC Production.


Dolis, based in Saint-Florentin (89), is specialized in the production of candies :

  • Hard drop and filled candies : Fruit candies, mint, menthol, honey, caramel, praline candies, licorice, organic candies.
  • Sugar free candies
  • Chewy candies : soft chewy candies, soft caramels, soft sugar free.
  • Marshmallows: cube shapes, two colors and cylinders.

Dolis is a leading manufacturer of private label products.

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