Once upon a time, in 1889, in the village of Isigny-sur-Mer, a certain Mr Dupont started a butter business company. By admiring the wooded normandy countryside, he had the brilliant idea to create, in 1894, a dairy company that he called “Dupont d’Isigny”. In 1932, one of his employees, Ernest Fleutot, great Chef and gourmet, proposed him a unique caramel recipe.
In our company, caramel is made out of high quality products : fresh milk from Isigny, butter and cream from Normandy, natural flavours and glucose, with always the perfect dosage and a slowly cooking by our Chef in a traditional copper cauldron.

After time, Dupont D’Isigny expanded its confectionery product line with items such as hardboiled candies and chewy candies that are produced in a new fully equipped factory with modern machines and continues the caramel production following old traditions.
Dupont D’Isigny’ secret is to combine modernity and authenticity.

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